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Letters To Linsey: ‘Dear Linsey, I’ve been a air blower of your work given we came out in the U.S. Now I’m in the Service as well as removing a possibility to demeanour during your layouts as well as cinema whilst upon avocation is a good wish to have. So upon interest of all of the big-boob lovers of the U.S. Army, we would similar to to contend appreciate we for we do what we do as well as giving all of us something good to demeanour during alternative than concrete or sand.-S.B.’

‘Dear Linsey, The site keeps removing improved as well as improved – each Thursday I’m upon the corner of my chair wondering if there’ll be brand brand new video clips – even if there aren’t, there have been regularly implausible brand brand new pictures. The ninth shot in Bed Spreader is we consider the most appropriate thing a man on foot in to a room could ever see! we determine with part of JonBah about the blowjob/squirting dildo idea. Using a dildo is even improved than a genuine dick – it can be as disorderly as we like! Thanks for the good site as well as pity your implausible bod with us! Fondest wishes, Dave.’

‘Not a censure – only a comment. we know I’m expected to be in the minority here, though the actuality is which once you’ve seen

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